So: between 1994 and 1998, Pastel Collision (aka Kaleida) made four singles and an album and played 13 gigs. Our aim was always to be the one great new obscure song on the end of a compilation tape prepared for you by a would-be suitor. It really was.

I’m now, rather belatedly, putting together a new pop project, writing a concept album – ‘Eurostar, the Musical’ – for the French singer Anne Brugiere. We’re taking the ye-ye pop of Francoise Hardy’s 60s English language records as a starting point. It will be Anne’s first record in English. Hear some of Anne’s French songs here.

So this blog is the story of my new French Pop Dream, with some info on my old stuff and assorted stray reflections on pop and showbiz matters that take my fancy.



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  1. All your friends and acquaintances Avatar
    All your friends and acquaintances

    What a lovely coincidence!! Just played Kaleida full album after ages and it felt so nice all over again, so just googled in case something comes up and there you go..!! Timeless tunes for true pop lovers!
    Bought “Knowing Who..” in Northampton`s SelectaDisc around `98 and had so many great moments listening to it, particularly during one period of utter loneliness and desoriented life in Blackpool (foreign man in a wrong place at the wrong time), with “Drive” being an early favourite, while other songs layered into my heart with every new play. They all sound even better, these days.
    Anyways, thanks for coming out of the rain!!
    Greetings and gratitude from Belgrade!

  2. duncan94 Avatar

    Wow- what can I say? Thank you? Very humbling to know that our record meant something special to you. What was it that brought you to the Kaleida rack in Selectadisc in the first place: had you heard our singles or did you just like the rather plain cover?!

  3. mark whiteside Avatar
    mark whiteside

    By the way where is Gaynor now…?

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