June 1994 Young b/w Like Water (Vinyl 45 rpm, Spirit of 86 records)

Our first single, recorded round the back of 7-11 in Crouch End in January 1994. (In a studio, rather than actually in the alley round the back.) We had actually recorded a version of this for a compilation of new bands in Preston, called Reclaiming the Guild in 1992; the first thing we ever did.

Sometimes that first version turns up on ebay but it’s not half as good as the proper single version. Trust me. Anyway, the 45 was a limited edition on the Pooh Sticks label, Spirit of 86 and really was made record of the week on Radio Belgium.

The B-side Like Water seems to turn up on the web here and there and people seem to like it. The thing that really strikes me about both songs is that our drummer Martin seems to be working ferociously hard all the way through. The ace trumpet is by Karen, who we knew from Manchester. Her boyfriend was in the studio all that weekend. He may or may not have been training to be a vicar. Maybe I got my wires crossed.

Anyway, big big guitars on both songs, maybe because it was produced by Steve Mack, who was singer in That Petrol Emotion. He was a proper cool fella from Seattle (I think), with his dreads and track record in Proper Music. At one point, I’m sure I actually apologised to him for our falling short of his grown-up rockist standards. “Don’t worry,” he said. “Recording is a game of patience.”

Feb 1995 Trouble with a Capital T b/w Forward + Two on the Town (Vinyl 45 rpm, Bilberry records)

Aug 1995 Here Comes the Summer b/w You and Me Lying on the Beach + To The Sea (Vinyl 45 rpm, Spirit of 86 records)

June 1996 Wherever You Go, Take Me With You b/w A Last Minute Miracle + Home (CD single, Siesta Records)

You can listen to Wherever you go, take me with you by Kaleida (MP3), our 1996 single produced by Mike Jones of Voice of the Beehive here.

Or you can watch the video here.


June 1998 Knowing Who Your Friends Are (CD album, limited edition yellow-vinyl LP, Siesta records).
Come out of the Rain + Early Days + Drive + Silver Suit + Stop, Look and Listen + Matinee + I’ve Been Waiting So Long + Everything and Nothing + Last Minute Miracle + Last Night.

There is a brilliantly positive review of the album here and it’s not even by someone we know.
After that, you might want to buy it (and hear some weird lo-fi samples of it) here. We’re not making anything out of this, you know.

You can listen to Stop, Look and Listen from our 1998 album (as Kaleida), Knowing Who Your Friends Are, right here.

You can listen to or download two of our songs at this link:
1) Like Water, the B-side of the first Pastel Collision single from 1994, Young, produced by Steve Mack of That Petrol Emotion and
2) Here Comes the Summer, the A-side of our third single, from 1995. Not produced by anyone who’d been in the charts or even near them.




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